The universe always tends towards disorder and overcoming that disorder requires energy, our energy. Here are my thoughts, my works, my mini experiments and trials.

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Download a single web page with wget

"Actually, to download a single page and all its requisites (even if they exist on separate websites), and make sure the lot displays properly locally, this author likes to use a few options in addition to ‘-p’: " wget -E -H -k -K -p url Also In case robots.txt is disallowing you add -e robots=off

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Checking for outbound links to external sites

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13 Basic Cat Command Examples in Linux

Installing APC on a fresh Hostgator VPS

First, you need to know what Linux version you have and whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit.

Try cat /etc/release or cat /etc/redhat-release or cat /etc/*release

To tell whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit use: uname -a

My box was a CentOS box so I will use YUM package manager tool to install APC but first I need to install its dependancies:

yum install php-pear php-devel httpd-devel pcre-devel gcc make

next we install APC using PECL

pecl install apc


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